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Getting more distance on your golf ball

Ian Marshall from our Boringdon Park Golf Academy team shares expert techniques to help you hit the ball even further.

A lot of people ask me how to get more distance on their shots. Well, the simple truth is that anyone can hit the ball further with a good, sound technique.

Here are some tips to help you to hit your ball even further…

Complete your shoulder turn

One of the keys to hitting the ball further, is to complete your shoulder turn. Turning your shoulders, so the left shoulder finishes under the chin, creates momentum and leverage – this is one of the main factors to create a powerful swing.

You are rotating around your spine to create some torque that will spring you back through more naturally. And with this weight transference, back and through, so faster club-head speed is created.

Go on, give it a try. You might just surprise yourself!

Retain a wide arc

Another way to generate more distance is to retain a nice wide arc in your swing. To do this, you must make sure out keep you left arm relatively straight on the backswing.

Remember, the length of the club cannot change, but nor should the distance between the hands and shoulders.

To keep the arc constant, turn the shoulders and keep that left arm straight. This creates a more powerful wider arc that generates lots of club-head speed and more power.

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Quick hands

Power comes from three main factors: leverage, a wide arc and quick hands. To create quick hands, it’s very important to keep your swing going on the downswing and follow through, otherwise all the leverage is lost.

To keep that momentum, you must match your turn back with just as much turn-through, so you need to swing down with the arms at the same time as turning through onto your left side, until your left hip locks out and you finish by facing the target.

This will create a fast hand-action through impact to generate faster club-head speed and more power.

Practice drills

One of the best drills in the world which is pretty much as old as time, is to hit shots with your feet together. This is such a simple thing to do and is so effective.

Take a mid iron – like a 7-iron – set yourself up as normal, then pop your feet together and start swinging. You might lose your balance on the first few, but after a couple of shots you will soon find your natural path of swing and create a balanced turn.

Your head will also stay still over the ball and your downswing will have a more natural release. With the feet together, everything becomes more of a natural instinct swing.

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