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Different lies in golf

Ian Marshall from our Boringdon Park Golf Academy team shares his top tips for navigating potentially tricky lies on the golf course,

Very rarely on the golf course do you have a flat lie, so learning to play from different lies is essential to becoming a good golfer.

Here are four different scenarios…

Ball above feet

To play the ball from above your feet. To do this, start by aiming to the right of your target, then grip down the shaft.

Move your weight slightly towards your toes and balance yourself into the slope, then swing the club more around your body.

This will create a draw-effect on the ball which will start right of target and go back towards where you want it to.

Ball below feet

Start by moving a little closer to the ball and aiming to the left. Shift your weight slightly onto your heels and balance yourself into the slope.

Then swing the club more with your hands and arms, back and up, more upright. This will create a fade-effect that starts left of target and travels back towards the flag.

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Steep uphill lie

When playing up a steep hill, here are some tips to make the shot work. To start, aim to the right as the ball will draw in flight. Position the ball towards the higher foot and lean into the slope.

Then swing the club, mainly with the hands and arms in a more rounded fashion, making sure you keep your weight on your left-hand side.

The ball will draw in flight naturally, so don’t fight this – use this knowledge to your advantage.

Downhill lie

To play a ball that is on a downhill lie is probably one of the hardest shots but, rest assured, these tips will make this shot a lot easier in the future.

To start, aim to the left and position the ball towards the higher foot. Then tilt your body until your shoulders are perpendicular to the slope.

Play the shot with an upright hands-and-arms action, making sure you keep the weight on your left side. The ball will fade to the right in flight, so that is why you must start by aiming left.

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